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dddavids Ghost Cams 18 LIVE Webcams, A Blog of detailed experiences, and a Vlog of corroborating evidence of Spirits, Ghost, Entities, Poltergeist, all things from the other side. A Real Haunted House Live on the Web
"I will not exorcise you, I'd miss your fragrance, the soft tread of your step on the stair" - John Geddes


These are the latest actual paranormal occurrences captured in this house,
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There are also many interesting things that have happened over the previous years.
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Current Hauntings...

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My they happen.
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24 December 2014
When I got home tonight, and opened the door to the living room there was the smell of cigar smoke in the air. No one smokes in the house. I guess someone has come to celebrate the holidays.
22 November 2014
I had a interesting "First" happen tonight. I had just come in from outside with the dog, and this cabinet door opened on it's own. Like most cabinets, it has a latch which holds it shut, and it does take a little effort to open it. Meaning that it just does not swing open at will. As I said, it was a first, in the kitchen anyway. The cabinet holds, among other things, baking items. Maybe someone was in the mood for a little seasonal baking. :)
Haunted Cabinet
2 September 2014
What I am about to relate to you is a first since I have been in the house, but then many of these happenings are.
It happened sometime after the dog and I had gone upstairs. I always shut the door leading to the stairway behind us after we have gone up for the night. This is for a couple of reasons.
1. If I have the Air Conditioning, or Furnace on upstairs, I want to keep the cool/warm air up there.
2. It keeps the dog from wandering all over the house at night.

This door has an old locking mechanism attached to the door knob, and it does work, though I have never locked it. If you look at the pictures below, you will see that you have to push the lever over to the right to lock the door. This is not a lever that can just fall over in to the locked position, meaning that you have to physically move it with your fingers.
This morning when the dog and I were ready to go downstairs I couldn't open the door. I thought it had become stuck during the night, and I kept pulling on it, but it wouldn't open. Then it occurred to me to check the lock. It took a few seconds to find it, given the fact that I never use it, and it was dark in the hallway. It was indeed locked. I don't know how, I don't know why, but it was locked...
See the pictures below.
old door knob
old door knob lock

24 August 2014
Strange times in the house. If you read the previous posting on the 19th of August you will see a mention of the house not being quite right. In keeping with that thought, also the other day I was taking a series of photos in the house, and when I went through them later I found what looked like a devil face in one of the photos. It is in a photo of a painting that I have. Could this be the cause of the unsettling times in the house as of late? Personally, I thought it was time for a House Cleansing Ritual
Watch the video for yourself, and see what you think.

19 August 2014
It happened this past Friday, and though I was home I still cannot figure out what happened, but Wesley my Boston Terrier somehow hurt his back, or neck, or legs... As I say, I cannot figure out what, but he was one unhappy dog. On Saturday morning he was very bad off, only going outside to go to the bathroom when I carried him out. He was on aspirin for dogs, but Sunday morning he still was not better. I decided after I got home from work Sunday afternoon to do a whole first floor cleaning. I do this from time to time when it feels that there is something not so nice moving about the living spaces in the house. You could call it evil, or a darkness, or just an uneasy feeling. It took a few hours of sweeping, dusting, and floor washing. All the while I has a candle burning to also ward off that which may have not so nice things on their mind, and when I was done I went into the library, and sat down at the computer. After a while in walked Wesley, sitting down next to me. He is still not totally himself, but I think I did him a little bit of good. Remember...if your house doesn't feel right it doesn't hurt to do a good cleaning.

31 May 2014
Footsteps upstairs.
I happen to be in the downstairs bathroom when I heard the sound of footsteps directly upstairs from me. This would be in the attic area directly off the "Dead Baby Room", that's what I call it. It's the room with the antique baby things. I went up there, but I couldn't find a reason for the sounds.

21 May 2014
Visited by the phantom dog again.
I was preparing meatloaf in the kitchen (my very first), and I heard the sound of a dog walking on the floor. You know the sound their toenails make on tile, and I turned around expecting to see Wesley, but he was not there. I thought maybe he just left the room, so I went into the dining room, but again, no Wesley. I found him asleep on the couch in the living room. I just wish I knew which dog it was. On a side note, the recipe for the Meatloaf will be in the Recipes, Page 3.

25 April 2014
In another example of the spirits haunting the house, and their attention getting ways is from last night. First off...It was a dark and stormy night, of course. I had come in the door, and greeted the dog like always, and while we were playing I heard something fall. It sounded like it had come from the basement, so I went into the library and brought up the cameras on the computer, just in case someone had broken in. I didn't see anyone in the basement so I went down to look in person. Nothing there, so I went back to the first floor, and checked every room...nothing. Then I went to the second floor, and again I found nothing. The Ghost were having fun I guess.

16 April 2014
A Spirit may be Haunting the dog...
Something odd has been happening lately when the dog and I go upstairs at night. Normally when it's time to go up for the night the dog runs up the stairs, goes to my bedroom, jumps on the bed, and waits for me. For the last 4 or 5 days he goes up and stops at the doorway to that bedroom. not going in until I do. This is the room where, at night, he will occasionally bark at something in the corner of the room as seen HERE. That camera (Cam 7) is usually on in the daytime, but I may start leaving it on until we go up for the night. Very strange...

18 February 2014
I might have a ghost dog, or a dark little ghost something.
I was in the kitchen tonight, and saw what I thought was Wesley peek around the corner, so I said "Hi Wesley", I looked again and he was gone. I went looking for him and he was sitting under a desk in another room. He couldn't have gotten there that fast, so I don't know what it was. I suppose it could have been my previous dog, Maxwell, come in for a visit. He and Wesley are the same breed, and Maxwell did live here for the first 4 years I was in the house, before he passed. It was either that, or I have a dark little something running around.

05 Feburary 2014
Paranormal Investigation of the "Cold Room".
I have Posted a new paranormal video from an investigation in the "Cold Room" with some interesting EVP's, and Orb's/White apparitions.
You can find all of the videos HERE
I also have a little story about a pair of scissors that I have. It's about how they went missing for several days and then came back! They disappeared about a week ago from the drawer I keep them in the kitchen, and I looked all over for them, but today they reappeared -in the drawer in the kitchen... Darn little ghosts!

06 January 2014
Happy Haunted Paranormal New Year to you!
Why not start out a new year with a new investigation. One of the more pressing spots in the house currently seems to be the corner of my bedroom upstairs where the dog (at least in the past year) is known to occasionally bark for no reason at all. I will remind you that I have a dog that rarely barks. Loud noises do not bother him. He is just not easily upset by things. I decided to do this video after the other night when he was again barking, and the hair on the back of his neck was raised up.
Take a look and see what you think.

The second interesting occurrence that has happened so far this year, and this is is only the 6th of January, is told in a photo from another bedroom upstairs. In front of a laptop I keep there to run a camera, is a doll that I had bought from a woman who did not want it in her house. Her grandmother had played with is as a child, so I did think it was odd that she would not want to keep it, but slowly I am understanding why... From time to time I find that, though I close up the laptop at night, I will find it open in the morning. At first I thought I was forgetting to close it, but then I started to pay more attention to it, and sure enough, it does re-open seemingly by itself, at times.
* Don't forget to read the other paranormal happenings in the house listed by year at the top of the page.